Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thick Lines in LTSpice

Ever wonder how to thicken up the lines in your schematic or simulations? Turns out this is really easy.

1. Open the control panel (tools menu bar)
2. To thicken the schematic lines, Select the Drafting Options tab and check "Draft Thick Lines"
3. To thicken simulation lines, Select the Waveforms tab and check "Plot data with thick lines"


2ndBakeryAttack said...

Thanks Jason! I was actually trying to figure out how to do this earlier today. Great tip!

RyGuy said...

Very helpful tip, thanks!

David Hackl said...


Amal Sebastian said...

Thanks James

Mahesh K C said...

Can you also mention how to make a solid waveform into a dotted one. I need this when I am plotting 2 waveforms. I can't distinguish the color in when I print it B&W.