Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Modeling a VCVS in LTSpice

The ideal model for a VCVS (voltage controlled voltage source) is shown below:

Modeling a VCVS in LTSPice is pretty simple using the "voltage dependent voltage source" component in LTSpice. This component is called "e" in the symbol library. The symbol as inserted into LTSpice is shown below:

A VCVS amplifer with the following specifications is shown below:
Rin = 1k ohm
A = 50
Rout = 100k ohm
Rsrouce = 1k ohm
Rload = 100 ohm

Notice we use a standard voltage source (Vs, "voltage" component in LTSpice") connected to our VCVS. The source resistance, input resistance, output resistance, and load resistance are all represented in the schematic.