Friday, April 30, 2010

Creating a Terrain Profile for DTV RF Propagation Analysis

ATTN: This tutorial only works for FireFox, do not use IE, the profile website doesn't work with IE for some reason.

Step 1: Determine the coordinates of the transmitter (in decimal format by clicking on the coordinates in Wikipedia, uses geohack)

Step 2: Determine the coordinates of the receiver location (your house), also in decimal format. This step can be skipped as you can click directly on the map in step #3 to locate the receiver location.

Step 3: Create a profile using the coordinates from above. Enter the coordinates as 45.51611,-122.732778

Step 4: Adjust the height above terrain for the transmitter and receiver by clicking on the height hyperlink next to the coordinates.

Step 5: Note if you have line of sight (LOS) and the distance of the path. The path distance will be used later when we calculate path loss and link budgets.

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